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Frequently asked Questions

  • What is the difference between AFT Football Academy and other football academies in the world and what kind of goals are created for the players in this academy?

    Attracting the best talented players in the world to the AFT Football Academy and being in the AFT teams, and with the programs of the AFT Football Club coaches, they will prepare for the best season training of the team and after being fully prepared in the team, will participate in competitions and tournaments.
    Players will be placed on the AFT Progress Chart, and once the player is at the top of the table, the AFT Club will place the player on the transfer list and the player will be ready to transfer to the top teams in the league.
    AFT's goals for players are to discover the best talent in the world, and to introduce talent to the world of football through the AFT Football Academy.

  • What kind of players does the AFT Football Academy attract?

    Talented players who have the ability to transfer, and have a very good knowledge of the sport of football

  • What age groups does AFT club have to attract players?

    U-15 category, Youth U-19 category and A team category,

    Every year their age groups are different

  • Do players have to have playing ( CV ) to enter the academy?

    The history of the players will be checked, but players who do not have a history of playing in the league, but who are very talented, will also be recruited.

  • Where is the AFT Football Academy Center located?


  • Is the AFT Football Academy officially represented in other countries?

    No, AFT Football Academy is not represented in any country, and is the only AFT Football Academy training center and camp in Istanbul-turkey .

  • Who is the founder and President of the AFT football club?


  • Can all the world's football talents become members of the football academy?

    Yes . Players from the Americas, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia are at the AFT Football Academy.

  • How to enter the AFT Football Academy trial?

    Register online by visiting the AFT Football Club website

  • What is the address of the official AFT Football Club website?

  • How to enter the AFT Football Club trial?

    Register online on the AFT FOOTBALL Club website online
    PAY registration fee

  • How to receive an invitation from AFT football Club?

    After registering online on the club website and paying the registration fee, the player registration is complete. And the player must open an account in the club's website panel, and send a request to the panel support manager.
    Your requests are available in the panel and click on the option according to the required request

  • I need a visa to enter Turkey to take the trial, can I get my visa after receiving the invitation?

    Yes, if you need a visa, after receiving the invitation, follow the visa process through the AFT panel from the support panel support management,
    The AFT Panel Support Manager will be with you throughout the visa process to successfully obtain your visa

  • I do not need a visa to enter AFT to enter Turkey according to my country's conditions, do I still need to get help from the support panel support manager?

    Yes, all stages of traveling from your country to Turkey and meeting at the airport and staying in housing, you should get help from the support panel manager

  • Do I have to pay tuition fees to the AFT Football Academy after passing the AFT Academy trial?

    No, AFT Football Academy is not a football school, and players do not have to pay any fees to AFT after admission, only the initial registration fee for entering the test is received from the players

  • Am I responsible for travel tickets, insurance, visas, residence cards?

    Yes, travel ticket costs. Insurance, visa, Turkish residence card are the responsibility of the player

  • How many days is the trial time?

    It is usually between seven and ten days

  • How long do I have to be at AFT Academy after I was selected for the trial?

    It depends on the decision of the AFT club manager,
    Usually between six months to a year

  • If I am selected in the trial, and I do not perform well in the AFT team training and matchs, will I still remain in the AFT team or not?

    If a player does not perform well according to the progress chart table, he will be removed from the AFT Academy roster,

  • If I have a good record in league games, do I still have to take the AFT Academy qualifying trial?

    It depends on the decision of the AFT football club manager team

  • Will I have a football background at AFT Academy after being selected for the AFT Trial?

    Yes, by participating in the tournament or Matchs, your performance will be recorded in the progress chart table and will be recorded in your profile

  • Are there any other training classes at AFT Academy?

    Yes, football theory classes, psychology classes, training and behavior of a football player

  • Can we have official AFT SPOR club emails?

We choose the best football talents in the world. To participate in our tests, contact uscall

(0552) 800 8 900

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