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About A.F.T SPOR online Registration For join trial

To participate in the AFT Football Academy trial, you must Online register .
Important items in the AFT online registration form :

One of the important things is to enter your email in the online registration form, because after clicking send the form, the AFT automatic email will be sent to the player and the process of continuing to register in the AFT club will be notified to the player via email.
Players must enter their email correctly in the registration form, if you enter your email in the wrong registration form, you will not receive an AFT online registration confirmation response, and you will not receive an automatic AFT email.
It is recommended to enter the player profile in capital letters in the online registration form.
Player details You must be in the registration form correctly,

Three options are required on the registration form :

 * Upload player biometric photo (required)
* Upload passport front page image (required)
* Upload football player ID card license (required)

Please note that a passport and a football card license are required to register online and take the AFT trial.

Please pay attention to the yellow symbols in the image below and upload these three options: (player biometric photo) (football player ID card license image) (passport front page image) in the specified fields, in the Online Register form

AFT Club with professional online registration system, invites players to trial,
After the players have completed their registration form, they must click on the submit option, and the player registration will be registered in the AFT system. The AFT club will be in touch with the player via email after checking the player form.

Online registration link to take the AFT trial :


About A.F.T SPOR online Registration For join trial

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